Kindness is not only a virtue, its a powerful action, enough to change the whole system, this is the story of my kindness, my will and a little try to fix this system Regards Syed Muhammad Raza

Birth Of A Movement

In 2009, we opened IQRA CITY GRAMMAR SCHOOL as a little act and try of kindness to change the system. Our school is a charity based foundation, which is English medium. It has 5 class rooms, 1 main office, 7 qualified teachers, 1 principle. It is located at Abul Hasan ispahani Road, main Iqra city, phase 1

Breaking Barriers

ADAM WELFARE ORGANIZATION does not follow any rule of discrimination of Creed, cast or religion our first child was a Hindu boy. Kindness doesnot follow any rule, It follows the act of Humanity only.As Long live Humanity, long live an Educated Pakistan thats our moto. Its a charity based school, where every child is welcomed, aside of his cast, creed or religion


Syed Muhammad Raza along with his wife Shehar Bano started his charity based free of cost English school in 2009. Ammar Rizvi , Muhammad Arsalan , Mohsin Ali and Murtuza Jaffri are also running this school with qualified teachers. This school accommodates around a 120 to 130 students

Our Team

Syed Muhammad Raza

General Secretary

Farnaz Jafri

Joint General Secretary

Syed Nazar Abbas

Senior Vice Chairman

Shehar Bano


SM.Ammar Abbas

Finance Secretary

Syed Murtaza Ali

Info/Media Secretary

Syed Mohsin Ali

Executive Member

S.M Arsalan

Executive Member